Black Lives Matter

Rekia Boyd. Freddie Gray. Eric Garner. Walter Scott. The list is a mile long.

These people and the incidents surrounding them matter.

Horror films. New albums. Streaming services. Gifs.

These things, not so much.

It’s a conscious decision not to write about real issues. There’s a sense of respect and dignity that those topics deserve that I struggle with. But it’s more than simply that. If i wrote about the things that truly matter in this world, it would by turns, terrify and sadden me to the point of immobility. Just a quick scroll through my Twitter timeline or my Tumblr feed confirms dignity and respect for your humanity are not acknowledged by our fellow man as they should be. Uniforms are not necessarily an indication of help.  Even the innocent should regard them with extreme caution.

The one saving grace about these senseless tragedies is that people are still angry. People are still standing. People are still screaming at the top of their lungs and those screams will be heard. The people are screaming and now, but it is not just conjecture, hearsay and anger that we the people have. It is video. There are images. We can show that Black people and minorities have been and are deliberately targeted. Even in the age of photoshop, it’s hard to argue with video.

Yet even now, the powers-that-be like to feign ignorance. It’s as though, they’d like us not to believe our own us and simply trust that their way is necessary for “peace” to continue in our land. It’s as though they forget that the land we walk on was not forged from peace. It was taken. It was bled for. And it was kept by blood, sweat and bullets.

Ours is a young republic. It is merely a teenager. It’s bloody history colors it’s every move and violent upheaval is only natural. But, those mistakes and poor handling of situations must be acknowledged and dealt with, not ignored and allowed to fester and continue to breed more ills.

The people scream because it is not acknowledged. They scream because even if it is, justice is not served. They scream because children belong playing in the sun and not in coffins. They scream because those same children should be playing with their parents, not attending their funerals. They scream because they are shown the courts do not seek to punish the crimes. They scream because that is enough.

But now the screams come with video proof and the screamers have social media platforms. We see you and now so does everyone else. This is not my wheelhouse, but this “incidents” keep happening. I’d rather be watching a film about a fictional monster, not reading about the ones in uniform tasked with “keeping us safe.” It’s safer inside a celluloid terror because, eventually it will end.  Someone always pays and the monster usually dies.  The violent deaths above weren’t perpetrated by the boogie man, they were by real humans able to hide behind the law.  I’ll go back to “Ringu” now but before I do, please know that although I willingly exist in a cloud of sometimes morbid yet often trivial distractions, I too have seen the video and I do hear the real screams.


Don’t call it a comeback…even if it is

Dudeigotsablog was abandoned…temporarily. Don’t ask me why cause honestly, I couldn’t tell you.  But, for all intents and purposes, the ‘Fro is back and ready to fuss.

The Slackerista site is for griping about being kicked out of Neverland, the sudden appearance of these anomalies referred to as wrinkles and that…bill.  Dudeigotsablog will instead be where I don a fake mustache to sit at the grownups table and try and fool them into thinking I know anything about media.

We’ll see how that goes.

Youth of America, your lack of Halloween enthusiasm sickens me.

Youth of America.  We need to discuss something.  I understand that you’re used to getting your way and that you could very well go out and have your parents buy you all the candy you want.  I realize this.  Really.  However, in my day, we worked for our goshdarn candy and you will do the same if I have a thing to say about it.

The fact that your parents paid a hundred bucks that they bled and sweat for a costume you to wear for ten minutes of photos, an hour and a half of hardcore trick or treating and the residual half hour of your parents carrying to the last couple of houses before they finally take you home and toss the costume away in favor of your pajamas.   Listen, it’s not actually about you.  It’s about your parents.  They wish to see you just for one night, physically resemble the little terror that you are in life instead of that cherubic face that plagues them when their favorite shoes end up in the toilet or daddy’s flat screen mysteriously ends up with a controller through it.

But for the rest of you, this holiday is something completely different.  Adolescents and teens, Halloween is a test for your creativity.  Come up with an awesome costume using your wits alone.  Work for your candy.  Earn. Those. Cavities.  Don’t show up to my door like I owe YOU something.  And for pete’s sake, even if you know your costume sucks or you think you’re too old for trick or treating, do what all adults have learned to do: FAKE IT.  Fake the enthusiasm.  Pretend you’re excited to be out.  Do not sigh as though I’m wasting your time or I haven’t given you the specific brand of candy you wanted.  I could have given you rocks.  Instead you got sugar.  Be happy I didn’t feed you to the hell-hound that lives next to my bed.

Next year will be better.  Next year must be better.

#19 on the list of Crap They neglect To Tell You About Post-College Life

#19 on the list of Crap They Neglect To Tell You About Post-College Life: You’ll really really miss your roommates at extremely strange times.

Roommates are kind of like built in safeguards for bad relationship decisions, homework help, watching Criminal Minds (and really bad movies), bad hair days and your own personal fashion consultants especially when two are fellow music majors and one was a fashion major. Yeah. My roomies have all been kick-ass artsy hotties. What can I say? We roll deep yo. Anyway, since I no longer live with them, they’re no longer my own personal mirrors to present outfits and the spoils of recent shopping trips. Be that as it may, I’ve found a new way to get through to my lovelies…and whomever else may be lurking. So here you are. Post #1 on my shopping spoils…

Okay look. It’s not a new idea but this was my first attempt at putting it into practice. Instead of going to uber-cheap, soul-sucking, fringe-putting-on-everything Forever 21 why not try the neighborhood thrift store. Everyone knows that I’m pretty hooked on the wonders that lurk beneath the grime of the thrift store on route 38 and despite my love for it, even I had fallen victim to trend-lust. More specifically, I’d fallen in love with the midi length chiffon skirt. Don’t ask why, I just did. The way they flow and flutter in the wind or the way they can go perfectly with a t-shirt and still manage me make me look feminine. Hang on. Even the cheapie ones on Forever 21 start at $15. Okay $15 for an investment piece or a classic closet staple is one thing. A gamble that starts at $15 a pop that I’m not sure about isn’t exactly a wise decision. So, I decided on the next best thing. My wonderful grunge laden, funny smelling thrift store for the super cheap opportunity to try out a recent trend. And it’s even better when the thrift store pays off.

Not sure you can tell from the picture but this thing was a win on so many fronts. It’s black which means it not only will with everything I can wear it to work. Score. Plus, it’s got pleats (which I do love) but they aren’t severe or super sharp which keeps the skirt floaty and soft. And on top of that, it’s washer safe, thank goodness! On the downside, it was a little big so I had to pin it and belt but you can’t really tell and it’s incredibly sheer which means either biking shorts, tights or a slip underneath. And besides none of those things really matter because I got to scratch my trend itch AND I spend exactly $1.50. Beat that.


Slacking once again. My bad. While stalking, which I enjoy for her occasionally random and out of left field fashion choices, the writer mentioned an utterly wonderful tumblr which everyone should now venture to…immediately:

Up next, movies that I loved this summer and the ones that were a complete waste of 2 hours of my life. Peace, love and chicken grease.

Narcissists invaded by Shreks. My heart bleeds.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for self-esteem. In fact, I’m working on my own levels of self-love. However, we all know that there is a fine line between self-love and respect and full blown narcissism. Apparently these people do not. The internet has the power to bring people with similar ideals together and give them a place to meet like-minded people. In the case of, it is a place to shallow pretty folks to meet others like them who’s primary desirable quality is a good looks. Then these dumb-asses had the nerve to be upset when normal looking people hacked their website. Duh.

So the Huffington Post posted this article:

I’m having trouble finding sympathy for this one.

Rabbit Hole….

So every once in a while I fall into the Rabbit Hole that is the internet which results in hours upon hours of YouTube videos, blogs and other various time wasting sites. I present you with a site I stumbled upon via my new blog obsession: Instant Vintage at Love her! She’s hilarious, a thrift shop connoisseur, jewelry maker and fashionista. She’s awesome so look her up. Coinsidentally, she lead me to this little gem….it’s like they know me or something…

Allow me to introduce myself…

Random and incoherence are the best adjectives to describe my world and so I’ve created this blog. I like space and geek glasses, piano, fashion, love music, movies and popping bubble wrap. I believe in sadism in small amounts and the tooth fairy. Currently, I’m discovering how much happier my hair makes me when it isn’t stick straight. Spock is my homie. Flaws consist of stubbornness, thinking before speaking and interest in all things slightly off and very sketchy. The Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite films, never miss an episode of Criminal Minds or CSI. Dr. Gregory House is my hero. Janelle Monae is awesome and so are my younger brother’s locs. Am currently working to have a law passed make daily nap time a legal requirement. Enter at your own peril.