#19 on the list of Crap They neglect To Tell You About Post-College Life

#19 on the list of Crap They Neglect To Tell You About Post-College Life: You’ll really really miss your roommates at extremely strange times.

Roommates are kind of like built in safeguards for bad relationship decisions, homework help, watching Criminal Minds (and really bad movies), bad hair days and your own personal fashion consultants especially when two are fellow music majors and one was a fashion major. Yeah. My roomies have all been kick-ass artsy hotties. What can I say? We roll deep yo. Anyway, since I no longer live with them, they’re no longer my own personal mirrors to present outfits and the spoils of recent shopping trips. Be that as it may, I’ve found a new way to get through to my lovelies…and whomever else may be lurking. So here you are. Post #1 on my shopping spoils…

Okay look. It’s not a new idea but this was my first attempt at putting it into practice. Instead of going to uber-cheap, soul-sucking, fringe-putting-on-everything Forever 21 why not try the neighborhood thrift store. Everyone knows that I’m pretty hooked on the wonders that lurk beneath the grime of the thrift store on route 38 and despite my love for it, even I had fallen victim to trend-lust. More specifically, I’d fallen in love with the midi length chiffon skirt. Don’t ask why, I just did. The way they flow and flutter in the wind or the way they can go perfectly with a t-shirt and still manage me make me look feminine. Hang on. Even the cheapie ones on Forever 21 start at $15. Okay $15 for an investment piece or a classic closet staple is one thing. A gamble that starts at $15 a pop that I’m not sure about isn’t exactly a wise decision. So, I decided on the next best thing. My wonderful grunge laden, funny smelling thrift store for the super cheap opportunity to try out a recent trend. And it’s even better when the thrift store pays off.

Not sure you can tell from the picture but this thing was a win on so many fronts. It’s black which means it not only will with everything I can wear it to work. Score. Plus, it’s got pleats (which I do love) but they aren’t severe or super sharp which keeps the skirt floaty and soft. And on top of that, it’s washer safe, thank goodness! On the downside, it was a little big so I had to pin it and belt but you can’t really tell and it’s incredibly sheer which means either biking shorts, tights or a slip underneath. And besides none of those things really matter because I got to scratch my trend itch AND I spend exactly $1.50. Beat that.


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