Koma – 2004

Thinking of transitioning to a new space. This is the first post of what I hope will be a more focused space. And, y’know no month long hiatuses…


In the most auspicious year of 2004, when “Dawn of the Dead” was remade, Nelly and Tim McGraw thought a duet was a good idea and George W. Bush was elected in the U.S. while Jean-Bernard Aristide was overthrown in Haiti, the Chinese film “Koma” was released. Weird times. We were holding onto the late 90s fashion in the worst way. Sadly, the film looks just like its decade and it was downright distracting inducing more giggles than were probably warranted. Shockingly, that’s not the real issue with this movie.

This is an example of film as entertainment as opposed to literature. It’s a fun popcorn flick to enjoy on a Friday night with friends and junk food. The setup is fairly straightforward with the familiar urban legend of the tourist waking up in a tub of ice missing valuable internal organs. The story unfolded with the protagonist and antagonist…

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