“successful failure”

The “5 Piece French Closet” experiment was a simultaneous failure and success.  No, I did not abide by the rules set forth by those fashionable blogs I Googled that proposed only buying 5 new Pieces of clothing a season including ballet flats and the almighty white silk button up shirt. Instead, the more interesting (and achievable) idea of a “capsule wardrobe” was investigated.

Unsurprisingly, it worked better than originally intended and focused heavily on function.  Anuschka from Into-Mind.com emphasizes filling your closet with your own classics instead of the recognized classics of Vogue-ites and fashion editors to tell us precisely what we should have.  She also places priority on reusing pieces already in your possession as a starting point and from there, obtaining pieces that will last without doing too much brand name dropping.  It’s refreshing.  Not to mention she lays out the capsules visually for you.  I like pictures.

Into-Mind is the first blog that made me think of shopping and wardrobe curating as an interactive puzzle as opposed to taking from an assembly line.  Thinking before purchasing has impacted my credit statements more than I’d like to admit.   Shopping was more of an exercise in making myself feel better as opposed to buying with purpose and intention.  Now to ensure these improvements on my shopping habits are made semi-permanent.  Perhaps I’ll go buy a new tote to celebrate…

Suggested Reading:




grayzine.no/deadfleurette/  (the archives of the now discontinued DeadFleurette blog)

wideeyedlegless.com/ (key phrase: style transformations)



  1. I think I might have to check out those links! I have cleaned out basically everything I have. So I need to fill it up again, but in a smart way! I need more inspiration 🙂



      1. Ah! I’m so glad! If you’re starting fresh, her blog will definitely be your “go to” blog for rebuilding. Such an exciting time for your closet 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!


      2. Going to London for some major shopping this summer 🙂
        I have a few things mapped out already, but I’ll definitely use the blog as an inspiration 🙂


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