Trailer Check: The Divide

With most post-apocalyptic films, the major themes dealt with are struggles to find food and the development of hierarchies within the groups of survivors.  But, with all of these studies in social deconstruction after a catastrophic event, few deal with the effects of sickness in addition to social issues and nutrition.  In a zombie apocalypse scenario, the threat of sickness is much more obvious and is shambling down the street in search of brains.   Obviously.   But, in the case of a nuclear event, those who survived would be given the rare opportunity to see their bodies decompose before their eyes.  This element could be crucial in instilling even more fear than your standard nuclear aftermath films.  This combined with living in an enclosed space with few food rations is bound to bring out the crazy in people.

“The Road” was a fantastic character study illustrating the bond between father and son in a post apocalyptic setting.  “The Divide” appears to give us another character study between strangers in the basement of a building after what appears to be a nuclear explosion.  Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes”) and Michael Biehn (every other James Cameron film including “The Abyss”, “Aliens” and “Terminator”) look poised to deliver intense performances and with this subject matter, I expect nothing less.  The trailer I found on rotten tomatoes looks incredible.  Lets hope this enters the percentage of post-apocalyptic films that makes the grade and ignore the fact that the guy who directed this also directed “Hitman.”


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