Goodbye Mall, Hello Secondhand.

So while lurking for the nine millionth time in the Freehold mall and simultaneously contemplating the incredible fashion and natural hair blogs which have become a part of my morning ritual, I had a thought. After making a conscious decision to eat far less meat and processed food and introduce astronomical amounts of fresh foods into my diet (which is harder than it sounds when you’re unemployed), I figured that there had to be some other conscious decisions to make my own personal bubble a greener place. Standing in the middle of a crowded mall with teenyboppers all wearing the same clothes from the same stores, it hit me. Why not try something outside of the mall?

Then I really thought about it. How much of my closet is comprised of clothing from Forever 21? Far more than is healthy. In the past year and a half, most of my purchases consist of stuff from this chain not because of its quality but because of its price. Let’s face it. They sell cheap stuff. Another fact to deal with: you get what you pay for. The clothes from these places are blatant knockoffs from other designers and chains. My friend Alyssa and I went shopping one day and literally saw the same garment in Forever 21 that we had seen in H&M that very same day for almost $10 cheaper! In theory this sounds like a win until you think about the fact that this very same piece will last about as long as the trend itself. Once again, sounds like a win until you realize that inevitably, you will throw said piece away contributing to the behemoth amounts of garbage that our world is already swimming in. Not to mention the rumors that these money hungry-fashion-clone-factories are producing record amounts of waste themselves. Bravo.

Ok so here’s the question: how do I still get the thrill of shopping without spending gross amounts of money, find quality clothing while keeping a green thumbprint?
Then, like bird poop, it hit me! Vintage and second hand clothing! Throughout my recent fascination with all things natural hair and fashion, I noticed that these bloggers wore a great deal of rescued clothes in addition to fashions procured through the usual channels all creating fantastic individual styles. Honestly, I was probably born in the wrong decade and every time fashion trends from ages past come back in style, I get excited. So, the plan is in order to jumpstart this attitude, I will not allow myself to buy anything fashion related (with socks, bras and underwear being the exceptions) from a chain store for 14 weeks. Don’t ask me why that long. It just seemed like a good idea. So, with the aid of my fashion consultant/best friend A, we will construct a fanciful wonderland within the realm of my closet with the aid of vintage and used clothing! I’ve completely justified my shopaholicism by saying it’ll be green. Why am I allowed to go about this world unchaperoned?
As a side note, I am in no way, shape or form a fashionista or environmentalist. But, trying to be green seems like a good idea and when I think long and hard about it, it should pan out in the long run. I’ve never really been a fan of looking exactly like everyone else so here’s my chance to change that and be slightly Earth-conscious about it. I will NEVER drive a Prius and still haven’t gotten the hang of keeping those reusable bags handy but I mean, baby steps, right?


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