It’s Happened!!!! A single from Incubus’ new album!!!

There’s something you should know. Incubus is my favorite band and they’ve earned that title after over a decade of creativity and the upcoming release of their seventh album. In fact, they released a single for “If Not Now, When?” today (link down below) called “Adolescents” and I almost puddled myself. Good music that’s highly anticipated has the power to induce a high only rivaled by a stage adrenaline rush. Even a certain illegal herb’s influence is incomparable to that feeling…not that I would know…

As a fan, I’ve gotten my fix and it should last me until the full album is released. As a musician, it’s got a sharp and clean sound with Mike Einziger’s guitar work demonstrating in spades why he is awesome along with his four band mates. It’s very chill and you can hear that this album may reflect some of the experimenting they’ve been doing sing Light Grenades. And of course, Brandon Boyd can do no wrong. However, this track sounds like a continuation of Light Grenades with some of the strange glimmer of Morning View. Already, I’m troubled. In the past, Incubus albums seldom overlap with one another which is part of their appeal. One never expects to hear the same thing twice from these brilliant men and yet, I already hear echos of past works. But then again, maybe I’m just being paranoid. You tell me.


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